来源:  翻译:Unr-Afiokic The trolls were the first race placed on Norrath by Cazic-Thule. They are nearly as tall as ogres but less bulky, with rough greenish skin and sinister features. Trolls will eat anything, cooked or uncooked, as long as it was (or still is) alive at some point. Trolls care only for satisfying their personal desires, which mostly revolve around a hunger for food and a lust for battle. While they are reviled by most other races, they would be even more dangerous if their intelligence wasn't so limited. Even so, their inherent savagery and selfishness combined with formidable strength make them deadly opponents.  巨魔是被Cazic-Thule 创造出来的,第一个安置在诺拉斯的种族。他们几乎和食人魔一样高大,但是没那么笨重,拥有呈绿色的粗糙皮肤和凶恶的外貌。巨魔吃任何东西,煮过的或者没煮的,只要他们曾经是活的(或者仍然活着)。巨魔只关心满足自己的欲望,多半是围绕着源自食欲的饥饿和对战斗的渴望。如果不是巨魔的智力有限的话,他们甚至会更加危险,虽然他们被其它大部分种族所辱骂。尽管如此,巨魔与生俱来的野性和自私,结合可怕的力量,使他们成为致命的对手。 

Built into the muck and mire of Innothule Swamp, the troll city of Grobb was a primitive, messy hovel. It was eventually conquered by their ancient rivals, the frogloks, who transformed the city into Gukta. The trolls sought refuge with their dark elf allies, falling even more under the control of the Teir'Dal. 

Grobb的巨魔城市建立在Innothule Swamp 的淤泥和泥潭中,是一个原始、凌乱的茅舍。这座城市最终被巨魔古代的敌人——蛙人所打败,蛙人将这座城市转变成Gukta 。巨魔不得不向他们的同盟黑暗精灵避难,更多的落入了Teir'Dal 的控制之下。

Despite their limitations, trolls are not to be underestimated. A particularly savage clan made their home in Broken Skull Rock, filling their hearts with the doctrines of Hate. With Innoruuk as their new master, they stole an ancient artifact from Grobb, a stone etched with the prophecy of the Grozmok. Trolls continue to await the coming of the Grozmok, a mythical figure that will unite the tribes under the combined might of Fear and Hate. 

尽管受到了限制,巨魔任然不可轻视。一个特别野蛮的部落在Broken Skull Rock建立了他们的家,让仇恨主义充斥心灵,将Innoruuk视为自己新的主人。他们从Grobb偷走了一个古代手工制品,一块石头,蚀刻了关于Grozmok的预言。这个虚构的人物将在恐惧和憎恨的力量结合之下团结所有部落。

Trolls are consumed by their primal instincts.Beware their fierce hunger,for they will use any means to obtain that which they crave.——From an Ancient Guktan Tome

巨魔被他们的原始天性所消耗。小心他们猛烈的饥饿感,为此为此他们会使用任何手段来获得他们所渴望的东西——来自古代Guktan 的书册 Trolls care only for satisfying their hunger for food and a lust for battle. their unpredictable behavior and formidable strength make them fearsome and deadly opponents.  巨魔只关心如何满足对食物的饥饿和对战斗的渴望。他们不可预测的行为和令人畏惧的力量,使他们成为可怕而致命的对手。