Alchemist-Crafted_Poisons 炼金术师产品-毒药

毒药只有部分职业才能使用,通过淬毒在武器上,对敌人造成额外伤害。只有下面的职业才能使用Brigands, Swashbucklers, Rangers, and Assassins。

Alchemists create vials of liquid called poison that have magical powers. These poisons are used to coat weapons carried by all Brigands, Swashbucklers, Rangers, and Assassins. Within each crafting tier, there are 3 basic types of crafted poisons: Damage, Debuff, and Special Effect. Each usually comes in two qualities, 'Uncommon' (using common materials) and 'Mastercrafted' (rare), but not all tiers have both kinds available for each and every poison. A few poisons are available only in rare form and some only at a specific tier. The higher the tier, the more poisons are available.


  • Damage Poisons may injure health or power of a target either all at once or over time.  伤害毒,造成直接伤害,延迟伤害
  • Debuff Poisons reduce the resistances, stats, or abilities of the target.  名词Debuff,就是让目标削弱的魔法,减少目标防御,抗性,属性。
  • Special Effects Poisons reduce speed and movement of targets.  特殊类毒药,减速等等
Crafted Poisons
Vial Color Type Name Craft Tier Description
Caustic Poison 1-10 Large upfront poison damage  直接毒伤害 
Hemotoxin 1-10 Damage over time 延迟伤害
Mental Breach 6-10 Power tap 吸收目标能量
Vitality Breach 6-10 Health tap  吸收目标生命
Di'Zok Mental Strike 8 Power tap and damage 吸收能量并且伤害
Rilissian Vital Strike 8 Health tap and power 吸收生命并且伤害
Enfeebling Poison 6-10 STR, ranged, slashing, crushing, piercing debuff 减少属性
Cerebral Ebb 7-10 INT, ministration, subjugation, ordination, disruption debuff 减少属性
Warding Ebb 3-10 resist debuff 防Debuff
Gracelessness 6-9 AGI, parry, deflection, defense debuff 减少属性
Special Effect
Essence of Turgur 5-10 Attack speed debuff 减少目标攻击速度
Fettering Poison 5-10 Movement speed debuff (snare) 减少目标移动速度
Ignorant Bliss 5-10 Threat reduction 减少仇恨
Stupefying Poison 7 (rare only) stuns target 击晕目标


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